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Growing the family and having a baby is one miraculous and beautiful experience. This is not just about delivering a baby but delivering a part of you. And, the moment you see that tiny little creature, you forget all your worries. With welcoming the baby in your life, you welcome happiness as well. And, the motive of Establishment Indira IVF in Delhi, IVF Centre/Centre in Delhi, IVF Treatment in Delhi,IVF Hospital/Clinics in Delhi, we create such more and more happiness around the world. The year was 1988 and the location was Udaipur, Rajasthan India when this dream turned in reality in a two-room clinic.

Started by Dr. Ajay Murdia, Indira IVF Center in Delhi today is one of the leading fertility chains in Delhi. Dr. Ajay, with his experience of more than three decades in the medical world, has established various IVF centers in Delhi within the territory of India.

We, at the Indira IVF,ICSI & Infertility Treatment Specialist Centers in Delhi,IVF Specialist Centre in Delhi, Infertility & Fertility Centre & Clinics in Delhi, we are very well aware of your desires of being called as parents. But, this simple desire can become quite impossible for some couples who have been hit hard by infertility. That is the reason we have come up with this clinic in Delhi so that we can bring some rays of the hope in your otherwise dark life.

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  • Consistent guidance and leadership from a highly educated team of experts

  • Master10000 IVF cycles
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Meet Our Fertility Specialists

Dr.Arvind Vaid

Chief Infertility & IVF Specialist

Dr.Sagarika Agarwal

Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist

Dr.Shubhadeep Bhattacharjee

Laparoscopy & IVF Specialist

Dr. Jyoti Gupta

Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist

Treatment We Offer

Undergoing IVF & Infertility Treatment Centre/Centers & Clinic in Delhi needs you to first prepare mentally, emotionally and physically. Once you have prepared yourself to go for infertility treatment (in Delhi), make sure that no second thought is persisting in your mind. At the beginning, many tests will get conducted on both the partners, mainly blood test and semen tests. The analysis will be carried forward to look after the second stage of testing. Generally, in the first round of testing, we look at the root of the problem and once the root is known we go for further testing.

In women generally, the focus is on the menstrual cycle. Tests and observation continue for a while and once all the reporting is done, doctors look upon the history of the couple as well. Because sometimes the problem is genetic and hence should also be considered. In males, the problem with sperm motility could be genetic. Once all the reporting is done regarding the questions of a hindrance with the pregnancy, doctors start to think upon the required treatment for the ailment of the condition.Read More..

For couples struggling to have their own babies, IVF in Delhi is like the god’s blessing. IVF - In Vitro Fertilization or Test tube Baby in Delhi is a technology that is being widely used for the production of an embryo outside the human body. This technique is giving magical response for the couples for whom medication fails terribly. Within this technique, sperm and eggs are fertilized in the laboratory with each other to form an embryo. The embryo is kept under observation for 4 or 5 days in the favorable environment and if everything goes according to the conditions required, the embryo is planted in the uterus of the mother using simple Catheter. In Delhi itself, many are going through this technique to have their own babies. The success rate of Indira IVF Center in Delhi proves that she knows the importance of the technique and has the knowledge to do the work in the best way possible.Read More..

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI Treatment in Delhi) is the oldest method known to cure the problem of infertility. IUI technique (in Delhi) is the form of assisted conception. During ovulation in the mother, washed and prepared sperm in deliberately placed into the uterus of the mother near the egg so that the fertilization of egg and sperm can take place properly. This is the simplest and most effective kind of treatment used for special cases of infertility. In addition to its simplicity, the procedure is also cost effective. The reason for doing IUI in Delhi is to expose the egg to more sperm so that increasing the chances of pregnancy, that is, making of a healthy embryo.
There are some prerequisites for using this technique over the patient. Some of them are listed below.
⇒ To perform IUI, the patient should not be more than of 40 years of age.
⇒ Patient, that is the expected mother, should be capable of spontaneous or induced ovulation. If the mother is not capable of it, the technique will not work as expected.
Read More..

ICSI in Delhi, ICSI Cost in Delhi, Low Cost ICSI Treatment in Delhi, This treatment is basically designed for the couple that is facing a problem with the sperm of the spouse. ICSI Treatment in Delhi (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) is highly sophisticated and successful technique as it is doing wonders since 1980’s by giving hopes to millions of couples. This technique has given birth to millions of babies to the couple that was facing male infertility problems. In this treatment, a single sperm is directly injected into the mother’s egg for better fertilization. Over the last few decades, because of the disturbed lifestyle of ours, the cases of male infertility have increased a lot and hence this treatment of ICSI proves to be a very good tool to fight the same.

Now let’s study a little more about ICSI in Delhi.
Within this procedure, a single sperm is directly injected into the egg of the mother using high-resolution microscopes so that the better fertilization can take place. Within our facility,Read More..

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About 15% couples suffer from infertility, and if you're also facing infertility issues you're not alone.

Male Infertility

Male Infertility Treatment Specialist Clinics & Centre in Delhi is the situation in which the male becomes unable to pregnant a fertile woman. According to a report, almost 40%-45% of the total males are suffering from male infertility clinics in Delhi. Usually, this infertility
There are various causes that can become the culprit behind the infertility in men...Read More..

Female Infertility

Female Infertility Treatment Specialist Clinics & Centre in Delhi is a situation in which a woman finds it difficult to conceive. No matter how much you try, if you are having infertility, then you won’t be able to conceive until or unless you take the help from the medical world.
There are various reasons that can cause infertility in a woman. Following are some of the...Read More..

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