[ 23 February 2017 ]
Ten ways to de-stress yourself during infertility treatment period
It is commonly said that a woman becomes complete when she becomes a mother. The journey from wedding to having your first child is indeed a magical one. The moment when you see those two pink lines looking back at you is perhaps one of the happiest in a woman's life. However, sometimes one encounters certain hiccups along this way. Mostly, when a couple finds out, they face the problem of infertility. The agony that follows following a diagnosis of infertility can take its toll on any couple. The progress of science has today made it possible for couples to undergo infertility treatments and successfully conceive a child.

While undergoing infertility treatments, you need to ensure that you keep your levels of stress at a minimum. Low levels of stress provide a higher chance of success for your infertility treatment. Stress has a huge role to play in affecting your ability to conceive. Today we will look at some ways through which one can de-stress while the infertility treatment is going on.

1. Therapy or Counselling
Infertility can cause a lot of pain to both partners. It also leads to the emotional trauma that can be helped with counseling or therapy. Therapy can help you de-stress yourself and up your chances of becoming pregnant. Women who undergo therapy during infertility treatments are also taught about various methods to calm themselves, and as a result, studies have shown that 25% of women were able to conceive successfully within just two months. Counsellors will teach you how to manage or lower your stress levels, and there are also some counselors who specialize particularly in fertility issues.

2. Laughter is the Best Medicine
"Laughter is the Best Medicine" - it is not just a saying, but a solid truth of life. Patients who receive infertility treatment are highly likely to lower down the stress if they visit a comedian. Laughter is known to reduce anxiety and also improves your mood. While not everyone can visit a comedian, you can instead opt to watch a comedy movie or do laughter yoga as well. Even just seeing funny pictures on Google can boost your mood.

3. Take a spa and Relax
During all this negativity and emotional stress, it is often necessary to indulge yourself to a spa night sometimes. Allow yourself the luxury of forgetting about everything going on for the time being and just focus on your wellbeing. Indulge yourself with a bubble bath followed by a face mask, hair mask, exfoliation, manicure/pedicure, and other various activities. You will feel like a renewed woman overnight. Being relaxed will help you de-stress; thus, you would be able to fight this phase strongly.

4. Exercising to Stay Fit
Exercise is an important part of improving your health. It also helps you to relax and thus, helping you become pregnant. Some of the best exercises to de-stress include:
• Running
• Walking
• Hiking
• Playing Basketball
• Biking
• Swimming
• Dancing
• Pilates
• Kickboxing

5. Mediation to Calm Down
Meditation is one of the best and proven techniques that has myriad health benefits, including lowering of stress. A recent study found that after a year of practicing meditation at their workplaces, participants were able to reduce their overall stress levels by over 30%. While it is understandable that everyone has busy lifestyles and it can be challenging to take out the time to sit and meditate, you can start by taking out even five minutes in a day, to begin with. You can also try listening to music while meditating so that it helps you relax and help you focus and relax.

6. Watch what you eat
The most critical part of undergoing a successful infertility treatment is to follow a healthy diet. Eating healthy is going to increase your chances of conception as what you consume makes a lot of difference to how you feel, thus, bringing down your stress levels. High-fiber foods, combined with healthy carbohydrates, produce more serotonin in the brain, which works towards keeping your body relaxed.

7. Go Outside and Be Close to Nature
Spending time in nature is known to provide healing properties. Being in the fresh air also lowers depression and anxiety - two common emotions that run high during infertility treatments. So, plan some fun activities, such as a picnic, with your partner and spend the day together just relaxing.

8. Use Positive Language
While we often don't think about this, but the fact is that what comes out of your mouth has the ability to change how we feel. If we spend the entire day continually speaking negatively about the infertility treatment or voicing out our worries about the outcome, then it is more than likely that the results will be negative. However, by staying positive and talking positively about your conception and yourself, you are more than likely to up your chances of becoming pregnant.

9. Take a Break if you are Overwhelmed
If you are working and undergoing infertility treatments at the same time, sometimes it becomes overwhelming to manage everything. It's ok to take some time off to regroup and focus your energy on conceiving. This will allow you to clear your mind and it has shown to benefit a lot of people undergoing infertility treatments indeed.

10. Understand your Body
While it sounds fundamental, it is actually necessary to understand your body's cycles so that you become familiar with your ovulation and menstrual movements. You will be able to figure out what your doctor is talking about without any confusion and the infertility treatments are likely to work better when you have a basic understanding of your own body.

Nobody assumes that giving birth to a baby is going to be this difficult. However, be thankful that infertility treatments are now available to help you fulfill your dreams of completing your family. By de-stressing yourself and keeping a positive outlook, you will be able to increase your chances of becoming pregnant and also keep yourself healthy.

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