[ 25 November 2016 ]
Overcoming infertility: Best IVF centre and low-cost IUI can be helpful Infertility is getting more prevalent in our society day by day. Best IVF Centre and Low Cost IUI in Chennai. The changing lifestyle, late marriages and raising health problems are few of the major causes of infertility. Unlike other health problems, infertility can also be treated to bring the joys of parenthood.

Infertility problems can occur due to a number of factors depending on which the treatment is suggested. In many cases, simple medication or lifestyle changes will improve the chances of conception. In some other cases, surgery like laparoscopy or other medical procedures is required to eliminate the problem. In last few years, ART (assisted reproductive treatment) have gained a lot of interest amongst infertile couples as these techniques can bypass the needs of many surgical processes required previously to attain pregnancy. Moreover, the rapid improvement in the procedures and higher success rates are turning a lot of heads toward it.

It is necessary to find a best IVF centre in order to undergo such treatments. Two most popular techniques associated with ART treatments are IVF and IUI. IVF requires retrieving of women's eggs and male sperm which are later combined in a lab to initiate fertilization. The embryo formed as the result of fertilization is implanted in female's uterus after which the whole process is similar to natural pregnancy. Since it is a complex process, you need to make sure that you get this done at the best IVF centre for better success rates.

A couple facing problems or sperm failure to reach the egg in fallopian tube can opt for low-cost IUI treatment. This process requires taking male partner sperm and placing it in a female reproductive tract with the help of a thin catheter to improve the chances of conception. The low-cost IUI is preferred by many couples as initial treatment.

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