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Is Pregnancy After 40 Through IVF/ICSI Healthy?
IVF Treatment Hospitals in Dilshad Garden, IVF Clinics in Dilshad Garden,IVF Treatment Hospitals in Dilshad Garden, IVF Clinics in Dilshad Garden,IVF Treatment Hospitals in Dilshad Garden, IVF Clinics in Dilshad Garden. The present era is the era of revolution. Apart from all the other transformations and modifications, the medical world has confronted a lot of progressions. Today, everything seems quite possible, which was not even feasible a decade ago. And, as far as the problems related to fertility are concerned, then the medical treatments have turned out to be a boon for those people who are experiencing infertility at the moment. Usually, by the age of 40 or after that, the potential of fertility in women start reducing drastically. The reduced chances highly depend on the quality of the egg. However, with the availability of treatments, such as IVF and ICSI, the quality as well as the quantity of the egg can be increased. So, even if a woman, who is above 40 years old, wants to conceive, then she can do it without any hassle. Still, there is one question that arises from time-to-time – 'Is going through the fertility treatments after 40 would be safe and healthy?'

Egg Quality Affecting Fertility Treatments
The quality of the egg is one prominent aspect of determining the quality of the embryo. By using the fertility treatments, you get multiple embryos to choose the best from, and then transfer it to the uterus. The quality of the egg also includes the chromosomal abnormalities, which keep on increasing with time. By the age of 44, the rate of these abnormalities increases by 90%. So, it is important to undergo Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) so as to check the chromosomal abnormalities present in the embryo before transferring it to the uterus.

Egg Quantity Affecting Fertility Treatments
While undergoing an IVF procedure, the eggs remaining quantity impacts the response to the ovarian stimulating medications. The more egg remains will have the higher chances of a successful pregnancy.

The success rates of these fertility procedures have been approximately 70%. However, if you still face any sort of problems while conceiving, then despite using your own eggs, you can use donor eggs while undergoing an IVF/ICSI treatment. If you are a healthy lady and have good physique even after your 40s, then you may have a normal pregnancy experience. On the other hand, being unhealthy may bear some of the repercussions for you. So, you would have to consult the doctor before taking up any fertility treatment so as to remain safe.

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