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What Should You Know About Sperm Donation?
Sperm Bank in Dilshad Garden. Pregnancy and parenting is a prized feeling and a critical chapter of life. It is a natural and universal biological process that adds meaning to your whole life or at least it is perceived like this by the society. However, life is not fair and has its own plans. It is not easy to accept the fact that there are issues related to infertility for a couple. It is definitely a life-shattering as well as relationship devastating part of one's life. But with the advanced medical science, these issues can be sorted, and a couple can enter the life's best phase of parenting.

Option for conceiving with the help of sperm donation is a common practice and is considered as an option by many women across different nations to get the infertility issues sorted. Making a decision to start a family with the help of sperm donation can be difficult and there are several factors associated with it. You need to fully understand the whole process and then only pick it up as an option.

What is a Sperm Bank?
A Cryobank, Semen Bank or a Sperm bank is a facility that collects and stores the human sperm from various sperm donors which are later used by women who are looking for a sperm donor to get pregnant. Donor sperm can help you to become parent irrespective of your sexuality, gender or your relationship status, whether you are, single or married, divorced or cohabiting.

How does the process start?
You need to consult an infertility specialist before choosing this treatment. The doctor can recommend how to get in touch with the sperm bank and how the procedure will work.

• Finding a Donor Sperm
There are three ways to find the donor sperm which are as follows:

1. Fertility Clinic: You can avail the facilities of a fertility clinic and use the sperm of an anonymous donor but it should only be from a licensed dispensary. The clinics have their own inventory of frozen donated sperm, or they might buy it from a sperm bank. You can get sperms of foreign origin, but for this, you need to have an additional license from the governing authorities.

2. Help from a known donor: This a relatively trustworthy option but the emotional aspect is to be thoroughly considered. You can get the sperm of a known friend or donor that you have met through an introduction website. You can go to the clinic with the donor or have a private arrangement as per which the donor provides a fresh sample of sperms directly to you in your home. However, if you are not availing the facilities of a licensed infertility clinic, the sperm you use will not go through the same tests, and there may be risks involved in the process.

3. From a foreign country: You can also visit a foreign country to avail the facility of a sperm donor and get the treatment done there.

• How is the donor sperm used?
The donor sperm helps to get women pregnant with the help of a process called intrauterine insemination (IUI) or artificial insemination. It is a straightforward process whereby a syringe or a tube filled with the donor sperm is put inside the cervix, vagina, or uterus (womb) during the fertile period of the month of the lady. Donor sperms can also be used for the process of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) if required.

• Finding a fertility clinic
There is a waiting time in each clinic, so you need to wait before choosing where to have the treatment done. Always make sure that it is a licensed clinic before starting the process and it abides by all the rules as stated by the government. The clinic should follow all the medical practices.

• Test the Donor Sperm
As per the rules and laws of government and medical boards, several tests are conducted on the donor's sperm to make sure that it is safe to use. In any case, by which you avail these sperms the tests need to be done.

The series of tests may include Chlamydia, Syphilis, Hepatitis, Gonorrhea, and HIV as well as specific other tests to check genetic disorders. Licensed clinics will support and give legal advice on this matter. The identity of the donor will never be revealed, and any information that can lead you to the donor will not be disclosed. Non- identifying identities like his ethnicity, personal characteristics, year of birth and medical history can be exposed. Once the child is of 16 years, he/she will be able to access the details of the donor along with the donor-conceived sibling information. However, the legal right of the child will always remain with you.

Sperm donation is one of the best option when a woman wants to get pregnant and her partner has infertility issues. After considering all the above mentioned points, one can go for this treatment and have a healthy pregnancy.

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