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IVF & Surrogacy available in IVF Centre in Allahabad
IVF Center in Allahabad, Indira IVF in Allahabad, IVF Centres in Allahabad. There are many options for infertility treatments available in Allahabad these days. If you are having difficulties in conceiving for some time now, then maybe exploring some of the fertility treatments out there is a good idea. Two of the most common options available in IVF centres in Allahabad include IVF and surrogacy. In vitro fertilization and surrogacy are both tried and tested procedures of assisted reproductive technology. Both of these processes, if done from a reliable IVF center in Allahabad, can help couples fulfil their dreams of becoming parents.

What is IVF?
At the Indira IVF Center in Allahabad, IVF treatments begin with a course of hormone therapy for the mother, to increase the development of eggs in the ovaries. Once the eggs are released during ovulation, they are collected and fertilization with the sperm takes place in a test tube. Several embryos are produced and after keeping them in an incubator for 2-4 days, one or two viable embryos are transferred into the woman's uterus. Implantation process may occur following the transfer, leading to a successful pregnancy. Many times, it happens that in spite of everything being done correctly, implantation fails to take place and the IVF cycle is declared to be a failure.

What is Surrogacy?
The Indira IVF Center in Allahabad actively engages in helping couples become parents through the process of surrogacy as well. Surrogacy is required when a woman's uterus is deemed unsuitable for carrying a baby to term. In this case, the fertilized eggs are implanted into another woman, who is known as the surrogate mother. The surrogate then carries the baby to term for nine months. At the end of the pregnancy, the surrogate will hand over the child to the intended parents.

Surrogacy and IVF are both easily available options in Allahabad. However, one needs to understand that there are several emotional and legal implications associated with the process of surrogacy. It is best to choose a process that best suits you as a family, taking into due consideration the advice of your doctor at the IVF Center in Allahabad, as they will be able to provide you with the best possible knowledge and advice.

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