Fertility Treatment for Men

Male Infertility Treatment in Jaisalmer, Male Infertility Treatment Clinics in Jaisalmer, Infertility Specialist Doctor for Male in Jaisalmer is the situation in which the male becomes unable to pregnant a fertile woman. According to a report, almost 40%-45% of the total males are suffering from male infertility clinics in Jaisalmer. Usually, this infertility occurs because of the semen deficiencies or poor quality of the semen.

There are various causes that can become the culprit behind infertility in men...

• Tobacco Smoking
There have been enough cases in which tobacco smoking has damaged the testicles and killed the sperms. Increase in the intake of cadmium occurs due to the tobacco smoking and the cadmium can affect the production of sperm.

• DNA Damage
This is another common cause of infertility. With the increase in the age of a man, his semen quality decline consistently and this decline can occur because of the damaged DNA.

• Other causes
There are various other causes as well that can become the reason behind this infertility. Some of these causes are – Impotence, Hypospadias, Ejaculatory duct obstruction, infection, mumps, malaria, testicular cancer, trauma, strenuous riding, intake of alcohol, chemotherapy, steroids, etc.

If you feel anything indifferent with yourself, then you can go for the diagnosis. The doctors simply examine your medical history, physicality, and the sample of the sperm. You can also go for a blood test to know whether there is any hormonal imbalance or not. You can also know about your genetic issues and medical conditions with this blood test.

There are some measures that you can take to prevent this infertility.
• Avoid smoking
• Avoid usage of alcohol and marijuana
• Avoid limitless heat to the testes.

You can also become responsible for the infertility within you if only you are following an unhealthy diet or supporting a stressed life. To avoid infertility, you can follow the preventions. Or if you are currently suffering from infertility, then go for the treatment as soon as possible.

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